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What is WriteWithMe AI?
WriteWithMe AI is a premium WordPress Plugin designed to optimize your content and create a unique brand voice. It seamlessly integrates into a WordPress instance, generating unique summaries, excerpts, and personalized SEO tags from your content. This tool is perfect for content creators, aspiring publishers and editors, and businesses looking to optimize their content and increase user engagement.
What plans does WriteWithMe AI offer?
WriteWithMe AI offers two different plans: Startup, Premium. The Startup plan allows you to process up to 5 posts per month and the Premium plan allows up to 100 posts per month. Need a different plan? Contact us https://www.olakaiconsulting.com/contact-us.
Who is behind WriteWithMe AI?
The WriteWithMe AI team comprises experts with over three decades of combined experience in Data Science and Software Engineering. Their deep understanding of WordPress and generative AI makes them uniquely qualified to design and offer this high-quality, effective plugin.
Can WriteWithMe AI help create a brand voice?
Absolutely. WriteWithMe AI is designed to help you create and maintain a consistent brand voice across all your content. By generating summaries, excerpts, and SEO tags in line with your brand’s voice, it ensures that all new content is optimized and consistent with your brand.
How does WriteWithMe AI support SEO?
WriteWithMe AI generates personalized SEO tags from your content, helping to improve its visibility on search engines. This can lead to increased traffic to your website and potentially higher conversion rates.
How does WriteWithMe AI work?
After installing the WriteWithMe AI plugin on your WordPress instance, it will automatically begin analyzing your content. The AI then generates unique summaries, excerpts, and SEO tags personalized to your brand voice. This process is designed to enhance your content, making it more engaging and optimized for search engines.
How can I get WriteWithMe AI?
Currently, WriteWithMe AI is in limited beta. Prospective customers can sign up for a whitelist to gain access. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to download and integrate the plugin into your WordPress instance.
Does WriteWithMe AI offer any additional services?
Yes, aside from the plugin, WriteWithMe AI provides services such as WordPress instance installation, plugin integration, and custom AI functionality, ensuring you get the most from your WriteWithMe AI experience.
How does WriteWithMe AI improve user engagement?
WriteWithMe AI optimizes your content to make it more engaging and appealing to your audience. By generating unique summaries and excerpts, it provides a captivating snapshot of your content, encouraging users to read more.
Is WriteWithMe AI suitable for my business?
WriteWithMe AI is a versatile tool suitable for any business that uses content to communicate with its customers. Whether you’re a small business owner, an aspiring publisher, or a large corporation, WriteWithMe AI can help optimize your content and create a distinct brand voice.

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